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Social Media: Brand Management

Posted on April 21, 2010 in Branding, Social Media

It’s hard not to notice the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other social media gathering spots. In each and every one of those places, brands are being discussed, passionately. Love or hate, real people are talking about recent experiences with brands large and small.

It could be how much they love a product they purchased, how great (or not so great) a recent meal was at a restaurant they went to with their friends. If they had a bad customer service experience, or how much they loved their waiter/waitress.

Regardless, they have become YOUR brand ambassadors to all of their friends and colleagues.

In the social media realm, it’s difficult to have complete control of your brand. Impossible, if you have decided not to participate in the conversation. Your presence allows you to reinforce your brand message, respond to customer service issues, and be the human being that people are looking for, someone who they can connect and ‘socialize’ with.

So if you aren’t controlling the conversation, yourself, or through a social media agency, then the quality and messaging of your brand is left to the whim of those who are talking about you.

Finally, it’s becoming expected more and more – that when people go looking for your brand on Facebook and Twitter, that you are there waiting for them. Just like having a phone number, and now even a website is expected – a social media presence has been added to that list.

My advice; make sure you are part of the conversation that is happening right now. Reach out, make yourself available, and ‘socialize’. People do business with those they like, and have an undying loyalty to brands they fall in love with.

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