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Brand Messaging, Keep Your Story Straight

Posted on January 27, 2010 in Branding

Messaging plays a very important role, it’s the the glue that holds your brand together. This is where you state your benefits, claims, promises, and your mission. Sure your visual brand convinces them (hopefully!) that you are a quality brand that they want to partner with, but your messaging tells them if you are providing the services they need. This is where they find out if you are a good fit.

The first role is the core message you use in outbound communications; brochures, website, postcards, trade show material. This information needs to be clear, and concise. Of course, you should be sure that this message is coherent throughout, maintaining brand integrity.

Your core message is most likely the same one your employees (sales force, CEO, CFO, whoever is answering your phone, running your cash register, and the guy who changes the light bulbs) should be using when talking to anyone about your brand. If you can achieve this goal, that everyone uses the same language when they are discussing your brand – you will simply (and effectively) be reinforcing the strategic message you have worked so hard to develop.

The next role that messaging plays is in additional content; articles, white papers, blogs, tweets, FaceBook updates – you get the point. Accomplishing the goal of maintaining consistency in the tone you use, reinforcing core standards, and messaging – means a familiar voice, which helps with that warm fuzzy feeling we want when others think of our brand.

Some tips when it comes to developing your brand messaging:

  • How have you set yourself apart from your competitors?
  • Is your message authentic, making realistic claims?
  • Is your message clear and concise?
  • What single benefit or tagline BEST communicates who you truly are?

You’ve heard it before (I said it here), that Content is King – and it’s true. Your content, copy, ‘text’ plays many roles when it comes to communicating your strategic message. Most likely, you need help to manage your messaging, including your social media campaign. We are here for you, let us know how we can help!

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