Let me sum up…

Before user experience was UX, I was diving deep to understand the psyche that defined how people interact with a website, or an application. I am passionate to provide a positive and successful user experience from the moment the relationship begins, and strive to exceed expectations. I have over 15 years in the marketing and design field,  with significant focus on strategizing and designing successful campaigns.   When the extra time is available – I download new apps to look for what is broken, and identifying the intricacies of well-designed thought out solutions.  I also practice the art of charcuterie (drying, curing, and smoking various cuts of meat), illustrating, painting, playing chess, and spending time with my wife, and two daughters.


I am seeking an exciting start-up environment where ideas are welcome, energy is high, and innovation is critical.  A team oriented approach is something that I value with intensity, realizing that a holistic perspective brings incredible value to any project or idea.

Resisting mediocrity, I aim for high impact results that are remarkable, valuable, and when possible – have measured success.  I believe an opportunity such as this is an ideal next step for my pursuit of user centered design and research activities.

Aspiration, Motivation

  • I want to be a part of an environment that values a collaborative team that traverses the common silos that develop over time.
  • Help clients experience successful initiatives of relative scale to accomplish their goals by overcoming the obstacles and roadblocks that seem overwhelming.
  • Refine and develop further – the methods of getting accurate results from user testing environments, and improving the reporting process.
  • Be established as a thought leader, with opportunities to speak, teach and share in relative environments.